Truck Crane with Rigging Qualification




Class: Truck Crane with Rigging Qualification

Time:  1.5 hour

Target Audience:All
Objectives/References: Various standards, techniques and best practices

Course Outline:

  • Common errors that cause most crane and rigging accidents
  • Safe work practices for working with and around cranes and explain why each is important
  • Identify at least six different types of cranes
  • Using scenarios involving cranes working near high voltage lines, give the minimum clearance between the crane and lines based on OSHA standards
  • Define the regulations that must be followed, and work practices that must be used, when using cranes.
  • Safe work practices related to rigging and hoisting
  • What warrants the use of a signal person?
  • Responsibilities of a signal person
  • Describe the two methods of communicating with an operator.
  • Describe two essential practices a signal person should do before signaling and the importance of each.
  • With the commands for hand signals available, correctly perform at least 15 crane hand signals


Participants will learn about types of truck cranes, boom trucks, and basic maintenance and inspections used. In addition, participants will learn how to use rigging hardware and slings. Signaling responsibilities, communication, and voice commands are also covered.


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