Storm Water Pollution Prevention




Class: Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Time:  0.5 hour

Target Audience:All
Objectives/References: Various standards, techniques and best practices

Course Outline:

  • Describe the two main drainage types (surface and subsurface) and the advantages anddisadvantages of each.
  • Describe the regulations requiring SWPPP.
  • Discuss the meaning site BMPs.
  • Describe the implementation of Construction Site Best Management Practices
  • Describe a sample Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and the items it must include.
  • Install various types of erosion control materials.
  • Interpret Grading & Drainage.


A statewide effort to prevent pollution in storm water runoff from properties and facilities, including construction sites. Students will exit the course with the knowledge of the basic federal and state regulations, components of a SWPPP and construction site Best Management Practices (BMPs).


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