Anhydrous Ammonia




Instructor: E-Learning

Class– Awareness Hrs. 1

Time:  0.5 hour
Target Audience: All

Objectives/References: Various standards, techniques and best practices

Course Outline:

Introduction to Accident Prevention Techniques
Effective Safety and Health Program Analysis
Job Safety/Hazard Analysis
Accident/Incident Investigation
Behavioral Safety Evaluation
Accident/Incident Analytical and Root Cause Analysis Techniques
Safety and Health Audits and Training Programs
Analyzing Accident Data to Define Effective Solutions

Description:The Accident Prevention and Investigation course begins with an overview of rewards for accident prevention and the negative connotation that accompanies a workplace accident or illness. Utilizing proven techniques, students are led through a series of challenging scenarios to demonstrate identification, elimination and prevention of workplace hazards before an accident can happen. Knowledge of the subject matter is evaluated through practical skills and written examination.


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